Guided Lifestory


Research has shown that sharing your lifestory can bring…

  • Acceptance of the past and hope for the future.
  • An increase in self-esteem.
  • Resolution of past conflicts.
  •  Successful adaptation to aging.

Reminiscence Interviews and Guided LifeStory programs involve recalling memories and reflecting on the experiences and events in your life.  With Reminiscence Interviews Ellen meets with you or a family member to guide recording your lifestory.  A series of trigger questions are asked to help you review relationships, life experiences, values and beliefs. We design a plan together on how you want to tell your story – recording, video, writing or photo book.

Guided Lifestory work is usually done with a small group of people who want to write their stories.  Ellen’s programs are flexible to fit the needs of the storyteller.

Sharing your stories helps to…

  • Embrace and celebrate the life lived.

  • Make sense of the past and gain insight  for the future.

  • Connect generations and have a legacy for the future.

“This was a catharsis for me, getting rid of old feelings, it felt good to do it.  I am more accepting of others and myself.  I’ve evolved!”   Mary, a LifeStory Program participant

Sharing your unique Lifestory can be a wonderful, meaningful and fun experience!

Please contact Ellen to schedule a time to meet with her for more information.